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Multi Stage Air Compressors

Product Description:

Experience Unmatched Pressure and Performance with Mech Tech Machinery’s Multi-Stage High-Pressure Air Compressors

Mech Tech Machinery is proud to introduce our cutting-edge Multi-Stage High-Pressure Air Compressors, engineered to meet the most demanding industrial and professional requirements. When it comes to applications that demand extreme pressure, precision, and reliability, our multi-stage compressors set a new standard.

Key Features:

1. Multi-Stage Mastery: Our multi-stage compressors utilize a series of compression stages to achieve exceptionally high pressures with efficiency. This multi-stage approach minimizes heat generation and maximizes performance, making them perfect for critical applications.
2. Built to Last: Crafted with precision engineering and fortified with durable materials, our compressors are built for longevity. They perform consistently even in the most rigorous industrial environments.
3. Unrivaled Pressure: Boasting the ability to generate extremely high pressures, these compressors are ideal for applications that require precise control and regulation of compressed air, such as in the production of plastics, specialized machining, and more.
4. Energy Efficiency: Designed for energy savings, our Multi-Stage High-Pressure Air Compressors reduce operational costs while delivering outstanding performance. Your investment pays off in the form of cost savings and environmental responsibility.
5. Low Noise Operation: Advanced noise-reduction technology ensures that these compressors operate with minimal noise levels, promoting a quieter and more productive working environment.
6. Versatility at its Best: These compressors are adaptable to a wide range of applications, from powering high-pressure pneumatic tools and equipment to serving as a critical component in specialized industrial processes.
7. Safety at the Forefront: Safety features, including pressure relief valves and thermal overload protection, are integral to our design, ensuring secure and trouble-free operation, and providing you with peace of mind.
8. User-Centric Design: Designed for effortless configuration and adjustment of the compressor’s settings. Accessible components simplify maintenance and servicing.
9. Space-Efficient Build: Despite their immense power, these compressors maintain a compact footprint, making them suitable for facilities with limited space.
10. Mech Tech Machinery Excellence: Trust in our legacy of quality and dependability. Our Multi-Stage High-Pressure Air Compressors are backed by comprehensive warranties and unwavering customer support.

Elevate your compressed air solutions to a new level with Mech Tech Machinery’s Multi- Stage High-Pressure Air Compressors. Enjoy unparalleled performance, energy efficiency, and user-friendly operation. These compressors are the ultimate addition to your workspace when precision, reliability, and high pressure are non-negotiable. Invest in power, efficiency, and peace of mind with Mech Tech Machinery’s Multi-Stage High-Pressure Air Compressors today.

Model No. Motor H.P. No of Cylinder CFM Max. Pessure Air Receiver (LTRE)
MTM 231 3 2 7.4 4.8 500 35.15 150
MTM 231 5 2 10.8 6.8 500 35.15 200
MTM 7T2 10 2 32.23 19.7 500 35.15 300
MTM 7T2 12.50 2 36 21.6 500 35.15 350
MTM 15T2 15 3 41.25 31.41 500 35.15 300
MTM 15T2 20 3 49.5 37.7 640 45 500
MTM 15T2 15 3 48.6 41.1 500 35.15 500
MTM 15T2 20 3 65.42 54.3 370 25.8 500
MTM 15TH4 25 3 88.3 74 370 25.8 500
MTM 15DP1 20+20 3+3 126.4 108 370 25.8 500
MTM 15DP2 25+25 3+3 176 148 370 25.8 500